The Best Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

Using all-natural ingredients to create the best Bloody Mary mix, we have the perfect hangover cure for you. As the preferred and certified product in Pennsylvania, buy the premade Bloody Mary mix that is 100% manufactured in the state.

Our goal is to provide you with the freshest premade Bloody Mary mix. We use natural preservatives and a high-fructose formula that is free of corn syrup for a great tasting hair of the dog hangover cure.

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Bloody Mary Gifts

For individuals gearing up for a party or getting together with friends and family, let our homemade recipe spice up the atmosphere. Manufactured in a friendly manner for those on a paleo diet, provide a gift that relieves your closest friends of that hangover from hell.

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Bloody Mary Hangover Cure

Waking up with the hangover from hell? We’ve all been there. With our premade, homemade hangover cure, you’ll enjoy the best flavor and perfect price without breaking your budget.

Our hangover remedy is manufactured and produced entirely in the USA, from the bottle to the label, cap, and mix. The next time you’re looking to buy Bloody Mary mix, be bold. Be different. Add a little bit of flair, and put your trust in Lord Darnley to cure that hangover.

We sell to individuals, grocery stores, bars and restaurants, as well as distributors. If you’re ready to taste the best homemade hangover remedy and enjoy a spicy Bloody Mary, contact us today. We’ll provide you with the perfect amount of our premade products so you’re completely satisfied.

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