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Posted January 2015

Hangover Hacks: 4.5 of The Best Blood Mary Garnishes

So, you’ve found yourself in the throes of a hangover. Luckily, though, you’ve managed to do so here – a place where you’re going to find a few tips to make your transition back into real life a bit more tasty. We’re here to tell you that, even though you’re wallowing in the aforementioned torture and despair, that doesn’t mean you can’t go an extra mile to prepare a morning-after-Bloody Mary. So, make it with a fine meat, fruit or vegetable. Or, if you prefer no garnish at all…well, then, you’re a monster. Read more

Posted December 2015

Holiday Hangover Cures, Ranked

Winter holidays bring with them a very special kind of hangover hell. There’s nothing like facing the repercussions of too much peppermint Schnapps or an eggnog-based drunk (please let us know if this has ever happened to you), all with the looming knowledge that your family is eager for you to join in on an old-fashioned Christmas tree cutting bright and early on a Saturday morning. You’re gonna need to mitigate damage, and fast. So how to make the best of the seasonal culinary offerings you’ve got at your disposal? We’ve ranked some traditional holiday treats based on their utility as drunk food or hangover cures, starting from the bottom and working our way up. Read more

Posted October 2015

Languishing in Hangover Hell? Try One of These International Hangover-Busters.

We humans may have our differences as far as global cultural norms go, but if there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s likely the search for a hangover cure. You can go pretty much anywhere and utter the local equivalent to the word “hangover” (our favorite is tømmermæn, Swedish for “carpenters,” referencing those who might be causing the banging on the inside of your skull), and you’ll get loads of advice on what to do, drink or eat to fix your queasiness and get you back to fighting form. Read more

Posted September 2015

The Muddled Tale of the Bloody Mary

Rumors swirl around the original birthplace of the Bloody Mary – and even moreso around its original formula – but the facts have been pretty much consolidated in the 8 decades that have passed since the supposed first sipping of our favorite cocktail. Most cocktail aficionados now agree that it was thanks to a perfect storm of early 20th-century globalization and a Parisian bartender’s distaste for “bland” vodka that the Bloody Mary we know and love first became popularized. Read more