Best Bloody Marys in Philadelphia, Baltimore, & Miami

Ready to serve your customers with the best and most consistent flavor? Lord Darnley’s Bloody Mary mix will satisfy all cravings, leaving a bold and memorable taste.

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Made in the USA, our mix is made with all natural ingredients. Our product continues to grow in popularity, and we have become a preferred Bloody Mary mix retailer and distributor throughout the east coast, from Boston and New York City to Philadelphia, Baltimore and down to Miami.

Whether you’re a distributor or an establishment, we create a lasting relationship with you as you’ll see our product fly off the shelves. With no additives included and perfect for your customers on the paleo diet, word will spread quickly when you begin offering our all natural mix to your customers.

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Perfect for that hangover cure and offering the spicy kick your customer need when incorporating into your next meal, be sure to stock the warehouse with Lord Darnley’s.

Become a Bloody Mary Mix Retailer

Are you prepared to become a premier retailer of the best Bloody Mary mix at wholesale prices? From restaurants to bars and grocery store shelves, Lord Darnley’s is jumping off the shelves.

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We’ve perfected the recipe, and our product revitalizes your favorite cocktail at wholesale prices. With the ingredients and flavors included, you can be creative and include our product in any item on the menu.

To give your customers a taste of our unique recipe, we’ll coordinate with you to set up a date and time where we come into your store for a complimentary tasting. With a strong presence in Philadelphia, we are a trusted retailer from Boston down to Miami, and are quickly expanding as our distributors realize how this cocktail mixer is a customer favorite.

For more information about how you can become a retailer and distributor of the best Bloody Mary mix around Baltimore and Pennsylvania, call or email us your orders for wholesale pricing. We look forward to a long partnership and supplying you with the products you need when you need them.